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At CEE DEE, we craft vacuum-based process equipment and services that deliver unbeatable performance and minimise customer downtime.
Whether you’re looking for immediate help or a reliable long-term partner, we’re dedicated to boosting your business’s performance. With clients across India and sales and service centres in Sharjah, South Africa, Jordan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, we’re well-positioned to support our international clients and adapt to diverse regional needs. Our sales and services team is always ready to respond to customer needs and values a clear feedback mechanism to improve our service continuously.

Online transformer oil purification

Transformer oil requires regular purification to remove harmful contaminants that can reduce lifespan. Enhancing its properties through filtration is a must. CEE DEE offers advanced on-line transformer oil purification and filtration services. A team of experts provides comprehensive support and utilises state-of-the-art high vacuum transformer oil purification systems to purify transformer oil on live transformers.

Online transformer desludging & oil regeneration rental services

We offer streamlined online transformer desludging and oil regeneration services that improve transformer lifespans. Our rental model provides the latest maintenance technology, allowing transformer maintenance without outages and dismantling.

Annual maintenance contracts

Recognising the importance of keeping your critical equipment in optimal working condition, we provide customised Annual Maintenance Contracts to meet your operational requirements. We have a team of experts committed to delivering complete maintenance service to ensure your equipment is ticking all the right boxes in terms of optimal performance. With preventive maintenance, regular inspections, and timely repairs in mind, we strive to minimise downtime and improve efficiency.

Spare parts supply

Spare parts are the key to the smooth operation of your machinery, and our supply service at CEE DEE Vacuum is customised to meet your needs. We supply authentic high-end replacements to keep your systems running effectively and reliably. In line with your operations’ diversity of needs, we provide prompt and effective access to the required parts, reducing downtime and maintaining production.

On-site services & in-house repairs

Providing holistic support for our product lineup, CEE DEE Vacuum ensures that your equipment consistently achieves optimal performance with our on-site services as well as in-house repairs. Whether it’s troubleshooting on your premises or comprehensive repairs in our facilities, the objective behind our services is to minimise your operational downtime and keep your systems running smoothly.

Upgrade old plants

In upgrading old plants, a comprehensive assessment of each component is undertaken to guarantee peak performance. We closely align with our clients’ needs, working out a customised upgrade strategy that re-envisions the entire system. This process is essentially reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up to enhance operational efficiency. Upon completion, we solidify our commitment to quality with new warranty support, ensuring our clients have confidence in the durability and performance of their updated facility.

Conversion of plants

Every element undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure optimal performance in the transformation of old plants. We tailor a unique upgrade plan to meet our clients’ specific requirements, essentially redesigning and reconstructing the system from scratch to boost operational efficiency. Our approach is finalised with new warranty support, assuring our clients of their revamped facility’s reliability.