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Oil Purification

CEE DEE's Oil Purification Systems are designed to clean hydraulic fluids, lube oils, and insulating oils by removing water, gases, and particles.

This enhances system performance, extends the life of the fluids, and cuts down on fluid replacement and disposal costs. These systems are versatile and perfect for cleaning oil reservoirs in the manufacturing and power sectors. CEE DEE is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring top-quality design, manufacturing, installation, and service backed by a skilled engineering team with years of combined experience. The company aims to maximise customer investments in its equipment, focusing on reducing maintenance costs, boosting productivity, lowering operating costs, and prolonging the lifespan of both the oil and machine parts.

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Insulating Oil Purification Plant

Oil is critical to keeping the transformer cool and insulating the active part. It is important to maintain the quality of the oil.

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Lubricating Oil Purification Plant

CEE DEE’s Lubricating Oil Purification System efficiently purifies contaminated oil.

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Oil Polishing System

Completely discarded oil can be converted into new oil. It improves the major parameters of insulating oil, such as tan delta, resistivity, IFT, colour, etc.

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On-Line Drying System (Trans Dry)

It is an attachment to the transformer that draws oil from the transformer tank, removes moisture using an adsorbent, and then circulates the dehydrated oil back to the transformer top.

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Oil Dehydration Unit

The UNI-VAC System is engineered for both fully automatic and manual, unattended operations, specifically targeting the removal of water and light hydrocarbons from oil.Operating under vacuum, the system pushes the oil through a heating chamber using atmospheric pressure to increase its temperature to the desired level.

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Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

These impurities compromise the oil’s effectiveness, reducing machine performance, decreasing oil viscosity, and even causing machinery failure, often drawing extra power due to the additional strain on the moving parts.

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Oil Flushing Units

Our High-Velocity Oil Flushing Systems are essential for pre-commissioning and removing impurities from lube oil and hydraulic systems.

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