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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement & User Agreement for CEE DEE Vacuum

CEE DEE Vacuum, a premier organisation specialising in bespoke valve solutions, is honoured to offer our esteemed clientele a multitude of benefits. This endeavour necessitates collecting certain personal details from our customers.
We pledge the utmost confidentiality, accuracy, and security of all personal information obtained from individuals engaging with our online platforms and services. The ensuing Privacy Statement and User Agreement is pertinent to CEE DEE Vacuum and encompasses all data collection and usage facets.

By interacting with https://www.ceedeevacuum.com/, you agree to the data practices described in this document.

Collection of Data:

Our website collects diverse information, including,
(a) Information willingly provided by you, such as your name, address, and email address, which might be used for purchasing products/services and ensuring the provision of requested services.
(b) Information automatically collected upon visiting our website, encompassing cookies, third-party tracking technologies, and server logs. Please be assured our platform collects personal information solely when you knowingly and voluntarily provide it through surveys, completed membership forms, and correspondence. We are committed to using personal data exclusively for the purpose it was gathered and for other related uses.

Use of Collected Information:

CEE DEE Vacuum may collect and use personal data to facilitate the operation of our website and deliver the services you require. There may be occasions where it becomes necessary to use identifiable information from our website to inform you of potential products/services of interest. We may also ask for your input on current or prospective services through surveys. CEE DEE Vacuum will not sell, rent, or lease any identifiable information to third parties at present or in the future.

Protecting Your Information:

Our organisation abides by legality, legitimacy, and transparency principles, limits data processing to specific purposes, and employs technical and administrative measures to safeguard data security. Personal data is utilised for account verification, user activity monitoring, and the detection and investigation of fraud and potentially illegal activity, policy, or term violations. This processing is founded on our legitimate interest in maintaining the integrity and security of our products and services.

Opt-Out and Unsubscribe:

Visitors to (website link) can opt out of communications from us or stop receiving our newsletters. Each newsletter includes a straightforward unsubscribe feature. To opt-out, simply follow the instructions in the email. However, we advise allowing our transactional emails if you intend to place orders with us in the future to ensure receipt of vital order details and related communications.

Policy Updates:

As technologies and marketing strategies evolve, CEE DEE Vacuum reserves the right to alter the terms of our Privacy Policy. Should there be a significant change in how we use identifiable information already held, we will inform users promptly by email. Users will then have the option to agree or disagree with using their information in this new manner.

Acceptance of Terms:

Using this website signifies your acceptance of the terms outlined in the above Privacy Statement and User Agreement. Should you disagree with these terms, we recommend discontinuing the use of this site. Continued access to our website following any amendments to these terms indicates your consent to such changes.

Our Commitment:

At CEE DEE Vacuum, the protection of your personal information is of paramount importance. We acknowledge the personal nature of your information and commit to its safekeeping and responsible processing. Your trust is our highest priority; therefore, we gather minimal information with your consent and utilise it solely for its intended purpose. Your information is not shared with third parties without your explicit consent.
We are devoted to ensuring data protection through robust technical security, stringent internal management protocols, and strict physical data protection strategies. We pledge our resources to protect your personal data. We appreciate your ongoing support and interest.

Contact Us:

If you have any inquiries or concerns about this Privacy Statement and User Agreement, please feel free to email us at co-ordinator@ceedeevaccum.net.