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CEE DEE specialises in industrial autoclaves for various uses in aerospace, defence, auto, construction, wood treatment and beyond.

Our approach is centred around understanding your unique requirements, driving us to deliver tailor-made solutions that adhere to rigorous standards. Our autoclaves have state-of-the-art precise process controls and advanced automated systems monitoring. The systems are fully automatic with PC/PLC-based automation, making operations smoother and more efficient.

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Composite Curing Autoclave

These autoclaves are adaptable to diverse client requirements and offer superior technical and cost-effective solutions. The advanced design delivers uniform curing and precise cycle control, which is crucial for achieving top performance.

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Rubber Vulcanising Autoclave

Our rubber vulcanisation autoclaves introduce a new standard in rubber processing, fortifying elasticity, durability, and resistance to extreme conditions through controlled pressure and temperature. This precise vulcanisation process ensures the optimal performance of rubber products.

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Concrete Curing Autoclave

Our concrete curing autoclaves are pivotal in producing autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, enhancing their strength and durability for construction demands. Utilising steam at specific high pressures and temperatures, these autoclaves prepare AAC blocks with improved insulation and fire-resistant qualities.

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Wood Treatment Autoclave

Specialised wood treatment autoclaves from our range are designed for deep chemical penetration, boosting wood’s durability and resistance against decay, insects, and moisture. With precise control over pressure and temperature, these autoclaves ensure thorough saturation of treatment chemicals.

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