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Drying Systems

Modern drying and impregnation systems, which significantly improve oil-insulated electrical products' dielectric and mechanical properties, typically operate under vacuum.

This approach is crucial for both purifying insulating oil and drying insulation. CEE DEE excels in providing custom-designed vacuum drying and impregnation systems to meet the unique needs of oil-insulated electrical products, such as HV instrument transformers, capacitors, bushings, and other electrical components across various voltage ranges.

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Hot Air Vacuum Drying Plant

The hot air Vacuum Drying Plants of CEE DEE adopt an efficient drying process by optimising the heat transfer through air circulation during the heating phase & evacuation in the fine vacuum phase.

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Vapour Phased Drying Plant

This process enhances transformer performance and longevity and streamlines production, reducing time and costs. The drying method achieves the necessary insulation dryness, ensuring compliance with rigid specifications.

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Hot Air Drying Ovens

Designed to dry/bake the load, efficiently with proper engineering of hot air circulation, turbulence creation & heat transfer.

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